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AGILE DANCE PRODUCTIONS is an instrument created by choreographer JULIE BOUR to produce Dance for film, stage, live events, music videos and commercials.

Not bound by a style, a history or a technique, AGILE explores the dynamics of contemporary culture through the prism of dance, always keeping a strong set a of values at the heart of the dance making.
Tailored to a project’s needs, AGILE’s productions strive to bring the human body to life in all its visual and emotional power. Different, expressive, artistic. Movement is everywhere.

Based in Los Angeles, AGILE works in close partnership with THE FLYING MAMMOTH and L.A FRENCH FIXERS to offer a vast network of artists and production means.

A native of France, Julie Bour attended Le Conservatoire National de Paris where she received her degree in Dance, Music, and History of Dance - and performed works of Maguy Marin, Carolyn Carlson, Jennifer Muller and Dominique Bagouet.

Her career as a performer brought her to work for a variety of choreographers including Inbal Pinto and Angelin Preljocaj. From 1994 to 2002, she toured internationally with Le Ballet Preljocaj, receiving in 1997 the Bessie Award for “Best Performer of the Year” in NYC for her role as the Virgin Mary in Preljocaj’s “Annonciation” at the Joyce Theater. Bour later served as choreographer assistant to Preljocaj at the New York City Ballet, also re-staging his works for companies such as Cedar Lake, Teatro del Maggio or Les Grands Ballets de Bordeaux, from 2007 to 2013.
A born traveler, Julie has lived in Paris, Marseille, Tel-Aviv, Brussels, Las Vegas, New York City and Los Angeles. Youring around the world for 9 years, she eventually settled in the United States in 2002, where she began exploring the theatrical aspect of Dance through works such as Julie Taymor’s “Grendel” for the L.A. Opera.

Los Angeles is Julie’s new home as she continues to create work independently. Most recently she has completed commissioned works for prestigious companies including Cedar Lake Contemporary Dance, 10HL and the Joffrey Concert Group.
Additionally, since 2013, she has been a faculty member and teacher of Choreography, Dance and Improvisation at CalArts University.

It is in Los Angeles that, after developing exciting and creative collaboration with artists in the music and film industries, she is now creating AGILE, and instrument to expand her choreographic endeavors to film, music videos, commercials and other on-camera works.
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In 2006, Julie Bour co-founds The Flying Mammoth with her husband and artistic partner Loic Noisette, as a bridge between the various arts, cultures and countries they have encountered over the course of their dance careers. The unorthodoxy and internationality of both her professional and personal paths are strongly present in her choreographic process.
In New York City from 2008 to 2012, Compagnie Julie Bour presented several original works in various venues across the city : Dance New Amsterdam, LaGuardia Performance Arts, The Skirball Theater, The Miller Theater, as well as in other theaters and arts spaces thought the United States and France.

Her work is essentially drawn from human relationships and interactions, from the ever-changing alchemy of the exposure of the Self to Others. And while deeply conscious of her experiences and influences, she doesn’t feel bound by a style, a history or a technique. Creating work that resonate the cultural moment, the key to Bour’s creative process is to work with an ever-expanding pool of dancers, actors, musicians, acrobats - artists from all horizons, styles and cultures.


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